Baccarat Punto Banco

This is a simple version of baccarat, designed to play in the casino. All you have to do is make one of three possible bets: on the banker, on the player, or on a draw.

General rules of Punto Banco

Baccarat punto banco (Punto Banco) – this is one of the European varieties of baccarat. It is played with six or eight decks of fifty-two cards each without jokers. The game is played on a table with a special markup.

Players can take any empty seat, which corresponds to the game box, marked with a number from one to sixteen. The cards are dealt only by the dealer, who acts on behalf of the casino and plays the role of Banco.

Betting in Punto Banco

Players can bet on what will win the deal:

  • Banco (Banco),
  • Ponter (Punto)
  • Or will be a draw (Egalite).

The amount of bets is determined by the minimum and maximum set for the table. They are made on the box, corresponding to the place of the player.

Casino Game Baccarat Punto Banco

The course of the game in Punto Banco Baccarat

Highlight the main stages of the gameplay.

  • At the beginning of each game round dealer distributes the cards only to himself and ponter. He does this one by one, starting with the player.
  • Then the ponter’s cards are evaluated, after which the game can end immediately, or the rule of the third card applies, according to which the player can buy another card.
  • Next, the dealer enters the game and either buys a card or stays with the cards he received from the deal.
  • After that, the player and dealer’s hands are compared.
  • At the end, payouts are accrued.

The following options are possible:

  • If the ponter wins, the dealer pays the bets that were placed on Punto and Egalite and picks up the bets on Banco.
  • If the dealer wins, bets on the Punto and Egalite lose, and bets on the Banco are paid with the deduction of five percent commission in favor of the gambling house.

In different casinos you can see betting with chips and real money, which depends primarily on local traditions.

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